Alley Cat Review for HardcoreGaming101 (in English)
WARP / Kenji Ino Games editorial for DTF
(in Russian)

Game Obscura is a project aimed at providing in-depth reviews of the best PC / Steam games you don’t know about. The obscure and underrated games, but definitely the ones worthy of your attention. It started as a Steam group with the same name:

SD Reviews is a personal blog featuring short or medium length reviews about all kind of games out there.

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Archaica: The Path of Light [Game Obscura]

The Culling [SD Reviews]

Damn Virgins [SD Reviews]

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours [Game Obscura]

Deathsmiles [Game Obscura]

The Deadly Tower of Monsters [Game Obscura]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [SD Reviews]

Dex [Game Obscura]

Dinocide [Game Obscura]

Gryphon Knight Epic [Game Obscura]

Homefront: The Revolution [SD Reviews]

Quadrant [Game Obscura]

Panoramical [Game Obscura]

Pay2Win [Game Obscura]

The Purring Quest [Game Obscura]

Risen 2: Dark Waters [SD Reviews]

Small Radios Big Televisions [SD Reviews]

Statues [Game Obscura]

Strikey Sisters [SD Reviews]

Umbrella Corps [SD Reviews]

Zombie Vikings [Game Obscura]

[ VIDEOS ] – in Russian only