Pay2Win (2016) – Quick Review

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It’s really is an educational software of some kind rather than a game. If you can force yourself through neverending tedious quests, go for it. Even though NPCs clearly say that their quests are BS, you still can get that sense of accomplishment while doing them and feel your place in the game world. It’s Human Psychology 101.

To be honest, I didn’t complete it (Steam shows I played for 0.6 hours). But I can freely recommend it to anyone who wants to experience what F2P MMOs are about. What, you were waiting for fun? Grind, pay, grind. Click, click, click.

Still, there’s no options whatsoever. It wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but there’s something wrong with the camera movement so I can’t play the game for too long (getting motion sickness or something like that). It can be just me, it can be other people as well.

p.s. Never forget that holding Alt enables mouse cursor and allows you to add money. If I remember correctly, the game never tolds you that.