You can now purchase music beats directly from me or through TrakTrain.

The beats come in batches. The first batch is a horror-themed one called “Xerxes”, it contains cloud rap / trap metal beats “House By The River”, “Redemption Sonata”, “Magdalene”, “Haunted”, “X-File” and “Champion”.

Basic Lease (mp3 320 kbps + WAV)
Price: 35$

10000 audio streams, non-profit live, distribution up to 2000 copies, 4 radio stations, one music video up to 5000 streams
good for Soundcloud beginners

Unlimited Lease (WAV Trackout + WAV + mp3 320 kbps)
Price: 140$ for one / 240$ for two / 320$ for three / 400$ for four

Unlimited streams / distribution / radio / video streams, profit live
if you want to make a song and distribute it without any hassle

Exclusive – 440$
Unlimited everything, no restrictions for anything, all rights belong to you
if you’re serious about making a song, the music become yours

How to order:
Send money via PayPal to, choosing a preffered option. Then we will conclude an online agreement and I’ll send you a special archive containing audio files with watermarks removed.
Please inform me about your payment, since I don’t receive money directly.