Sacred Line is a PC freeware first-person dark adventure/surreal thriller with story-driven physics-based exploration gameplay, black-white-red BD style, and an abstract plot free of cliches.

It takes its place in a world where your main enemy is a union that is trying to set a merciless regime over the whole planet. In this game, you will face their immortal leader and his loyal four-handed servant who was summoned by the ancient sect.
The game has two endings, normal and secret.

You are playing Ellen, a private detective, who is trying to survive in Eastern Europe. Lately, the detective business, which she inherited from her missing sister Sarah, almost ceased its existence, and one day before she was going to close her office she got an anonymous call. The unknown asked her to find some hidden forest outpost and told her about its position. That was just the beginning.

The current version is 1.3b., which is now available as a free DLC for the Steam version of The Last Dogma (you can see the list of changes here).

The game remains unfinished and its original source is no longer available to modify.


Special 1.2c Italian Version is still available here: | Link 1 [Mega]
Japanese description can be read here.
You can find more info on its official site.