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In-depth reviews of the best obscure Steam games you don’t know about + personal blog reviews about any game out there. Previously existing as a Steam group only, Game Obscura is now a part of this website.

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Sacred Line Genesis – Legacy Edition Is Now Available For Purchase

The most complete edition of Sacred Line Genesis. It includes content of Unique Edition, Steam and DRM-Free copies of SLG Remix and SLG Remix – Definitive Soundtrack (4 copies in total – 2 DRM-Free links and 2 Steam Keys) and also an early alpha prototype of Sacred Line Zero. The original PC prototype comes as a bonus as well with a special link.

Buy here: http://sashadarko.com/darko-products/

If you already have Unique Edition and want to upgrade, send 7.99$ to the e-mail with the note “Legacy Upgrade” attached.


Sasha Darko – DOOMED Single Is Now Available On Soundcloud


Witchdrive debut, a mix of YM2612-powered music (using a Sega Genesis sound chip) and witch house.


Alexander Kibanov (Sasha Darko) & VIR’ – “Mårran” Music Video Is Now Live On YouTube 



[11.2017] Reviews. Lots of reviews. And giveaways.

I’ve been writing movie and videogame reviews for quite a while, but never mentioned it here simply because…I don’t know. I post game reviews under the label Game Obscura here:
There are also game giveaways (The Deadly Tower of Monsters, DARIUSBURST, Dreadout, etc.) made in collaboration with publishers, so stay tuned.

And I have more than one hundred movie reviews at the moment, they will appear here sometime soon…probably.


[11.2017] Bandcamp Re-Releases / SLG Remix is Back (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Some of the old music albums, EPs and singles which were previously available only on cassettes and CDs will get digital re-releases on Bandcamp, brought to you in a highest possible quality (extracted from WAV master files, many of which were lost up until now). A couple of these (collaborations with Corpoparassita and Kenji Siratori) are already there, stay tuned for the rest.


PC version of Sacred Line Genesis was removed from the store for quite some time, but now is back. Not for long though. You can now purchase the Steam version of Deluxe edition here:


[02.2017] Alexander Kibanov (Sasha Darko) & VIR’ – Sent I November (2017) is out now

A post-metal collaboration album with the cult (so they say) Russian sludge metal band Vir’ (ВИРЬ) has finally been released. Its recording process started in 2009 and the album was finished and released only in 2017 (necroposting as it is). Dedicated to Tove Marika Jansson’s “Moominvalley in November”.

Available on both CDs and Cassettes. The pirates already made sure you can download it for free in .mp3, so if you’re not a collector, there you go (we don’t mind).

CD – Limited to 300 copies (No Bread! Records)

Cassette – Limited to 45 copies (NEN Records)

Digital – Free on torrents

Listen (Full Album)

[02.2017] Sacred Line Genesis BITS and LE editions are still available

Some people asked me about it and yes, physical copies of Sacred Line Genesis (both BITS and LE) are still available and you can order them from this very website here.

That being said, there are less than ten BITS copies now and only a couple of LE ones left.

[01.2017] The Last Dogma – Free Deluxe Upgrade

Standard DRM-Free version of The Last Dogma is now upgraded to Deluxe and includes Game Soundtrack for FREE! Buy it now on Itch.io and get TWO Steam keys (Steam key is included by default with every purchase, but you need to ask for a Soundtrack key via e-mail because of the Itch.io store limitations):