Shadowsgate Island was an open-world mystical adventure and a spiritual successor to Echo Night. Being originally developed for PC, it was later canceled after several months of active development.

Two years later it was ressurrected as a Mega Drive visual novel project, which was canceled as well.


One day fisherman Jack got into strange mist while doing his routine job. He tried to come back home but there was no land anymore. He decided to move through fog and soon he found a mysterious island he knew nothing about, an island stuck between times and dimensions.



Start pointChurch Enter
View from VillageOne of the shadow people

Old design document notes:


On the island you will find its dead habitants who had became shadow people and who are stuck there like you. You travel to their memories about past and help their souls to rest in peace.
Quest example (without spoilers about main plot line) – you find a man who waited for a letter from his son but never received it and died. You find out that messenger who carried this letter was killed, take the letter from his bag and deliver it to the man. After reading it, he finds rest and dissapears leaving you something which will help you to leave the island.


First person view with a character model (you can see your arms/legs and shadow). Main character is animated and has abilities to run, crouch, jump and swim. Sound/footsteps system is dynamic and will react to environment around you, also dynamic music system. Simpliest controls – WASD to move, Shift to Run, C to crouch, Space to jump, E to Use and Tab for Inventory.