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Sasha Darko’s debut photoset “Stranded In Vladimir” was acclaimed by people like Jim Rossignol (creator of Rock, Paper, Shotgun), Raphaël Colantonio (creator of Arkane Studios, co-director of Dishonored), Julius-Cosmo Oniscu (lead lever designer of Watch Dogs 1/2/Legion), Luis Hernandez (creator of Jazzpunk), Arkadiusz Reikowski (composer of Observer, Layers of Fear) and published in biggest Russian outlets dedicated to urban exploration and environmental photography like Estetica Ebenei and Multitude.

The second photoset “Sauvignon Blanc” was published by British magazine Mob Journal in Quarantine Edition issue #5. It was a debut portrait-focused work made completely alone.

One of the works called “Unnoticed” was published by Russian daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Contact about shooting via earth_incubator@yahoo.com or via Instagram Direct @ohsashadarko

RU: по поводу съёмки писать на e-mail earth_incubator@yahoo.com или через Инстаграм @ohsashadarko