The beginning. The countless albums, EPs, singles, splits and collaborations – punk / hardcore, tribal / ethno electronica, old school industrial, audiobooks, brutal harsh noise / power-electronics, dreamy ambient, dark ambient, lo-fi techno, noisegrind, rap, musique concrete, etc.

Anything post-2010 is either shelved albums or reissues.

Solo projects “Earth Incubator” (ambient / noise / industrial / power-electronics / techno), “Headless Kamikaze” (trash fruity punk / cybergrind / live performance oriented) and “Illnathix” (trash electronica / speedcore / whatever). Band projects “.you hack the aye” (drone rock / piano and harmonica improvisations), “Red Label Noise Factory” (noisegrind / punk hardcore / folk), “ПГ” (harsh noise wall project w/ Smrznik), “All-Stars Noise Collective” (international mail collaboration noise project) and also a duet with Norihito Kodama (avant-garde / whatevertronica).

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Selected discography:

2007 – “Zombie Zone” (Digital, Released as Part of Unreleased 2007 Compilation on in 2009)

2008 – “Sexual Noise” (CDr, Mind Noise Disintegration / CDr Reissue in 2010 by SNR + EP Digital Version in 2009 by Enough Records and

2008 – “Play.Stop.Delete + Material 2007-2008” (CDr, Mind Noise Disintegration)

2008 – “Silent Trilogy” (3xCDr, Mind Noise Disintegration, MP3 Reissue on Just Not Normal in 2010)

2009 – “Progress In Regress” (3″CDr, Les Disques 71)

2009 – “Rasputin” w/ Kenji Siratori (Cassette, Darbolistic Rex / CDr Reissue in 2011 by Mandarangan Recordings)

2009 – “Split” w/ Brandkommando (Pro-CDr, Spirals of Involution)

2009 – “TRRRack” w/ Alexei Borisov & Alexei Bortnichuk & Cisfinitum & Hutopia (Digital, Zeromoon)

2009 – “What Will Be Next?” w/ Mystified, Swamps Up Nostrils, Ego Death, H, Strup (Digital, MND)

2010 – “The Third Side Of Life” w/ HZ and Ricardo Rucini (Digital, Electro Rucini)

2010 – “Untitled” w/ Corpoparassita (B-Card, taqueot)

2010 – “Harsh Noise” (CDr, Smell The Stench)

2010 – “The Butterfly / Reverse Noise Reduction” w/ Bjerga / Iversen (Cassette, Jozik Records)

2010 – “Animal Kingdom” w/ NeonRain (Pro-CDr, Spirals of Involution)

2011 – “Caturday” (CD, Nihil Art Records)

2011 – “Split” w/ Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer (Cassette, Cack Tapes (Monopolka))

2011 – “Split” w/ Torturing Nurse (7″, Underground Pollution Records and co-funders)

2011 – “You Have Entered the World of Survival Horror” (CDr, Dark Meadow Recordings)

2011 – “Through The Fire Of Collage Collapse” (Cassette, Midori Records)

2011 – “Wastelands” (Cassette, Ikebukuro Dada)

2013 – “Thoughts of Man From Territory 15” w/ GX Jupitter-Larsen (CD, Kubitsuri Tapes)

2013 – “Shifts” w/ To Live and Shave in L.A., track on compilation “The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply” (3xCD, Monotype Rec)

2017 – “Sent I November” w/ VIR’ (CD, No Bread! Records / Cassette, NEN Records)

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– A.A.Kibanov + H + Cтpуп + Mystified + Swamps Up Nostrils + Ego Death – What Will Be Next? by Petr Ferenc (in Czech)

– A.A.Kibanov – Trash Trash Trash Noise-n-Roll by Geräuschkrieg! (in English)

– Alexander Kibanov / HZ – Split by Recent Music Heroes Blog (in Estonian) 

– Alexander Kibanov & Norihito Kodama  – Through Fire Walk With Me by noCo…mment (in French)

Black Blessed Demon With Angelic Heart – When You Will Speak With Death by LN 313 (in Russian)

Earth Incubator & Erekta – Zdorovo i Vechno by Jeff (in Russian)

– Earth Incubator – Sexual Noise by Adam Crammond (in English), by Count Death (in Russian), by Vitaly Maklakov (in Russian)  

– Earth Incubator – Sexual Noise [Reissue] by A Challenge to Fate (in Japanese)

– Earth Incubator – Wastelands  by Nihilistic Propaganda (in English), by Memory Wave Transmission (in english)

– Earth Incubator – You Have Entered The World Of Survival Horror by Ed Pinsent (in english) 

– Earth Incubator & Dichotomy Engine – Time Anomalies by C.Reider (in English)  

– Earth Incubator & UUUUUU – Earth Incuuuuuubator by LN 313 (in Russian)  

– Earth Incubator / Strawberry Milkshake Inc. – Split by Adam Crammond (in English)

– Headless Kamikaze – Live @ Novorossiysk by Adam Crammond (in English), by Mark (the sunday experience) (in English), by Neven (Helly Cherry #86/86) (in Serbian)  

– Illnathix / Praxisfeelder – Split  by Neven (Helly Cheryy #81) (in Serbian)

Illnathix – Cycle of Evolution by Roman (Punk Ist Pop) (in English/Romanian) 

– Red Label Noise Factory – Lo-fi Garage Demo by Yuri Kuznetzov (in Russian)

– Потерянная Горла – s/t [EP] by Count Death (in Russian), by Musique Machine (in English)

– Smrznik / Потерянная Горла / TFT – Makhine by Musique Machine (in English)


Live shows

Red Label Noise Factory – live @ “Sfinks”, Ekaterinburg 29.11.08
Headless Kamikaze – live @ “Yaizekletka”, Novorossiysk 06.01.09
A.A.Kibanov + Tydish – live @ “Yaizekletka”, Novorossiysk 06.01.09
Headless Kamikaze – live @ “Buharest”, Kazan’ 26.03.09
A.A.Kibanov + Grave Nigguz – live @ “Buharest”, Kazan’ 26.03.09
Headless Kamikaze – Live @ abandoned angar (open-closed air), Volzhsky 12.05.09
Headless Kamikaze – Live @ “Sputnik”, Omsk 04.10.09