Started as an industrial / ambient musician, he was previously known as AK, and since 2007 had produced 150+ experimental music releases using many aliases, collaborating with such artists as Kenji SiratoriGX Jupitter-Larsen, Komissar Hjuler and Alexei Borisov. The albums were published by small labels all over the world, from Japan to French Polynesia, using all possible media formats: cassettes, CDs, CD-Rs, 7″ vinyl records and even floppy disks. Produced in very limited numbers (ranging from 10 to 1000 copies), these releases were as diverse as possible and even spawned microgenres which were called “fruity punk” and “post-noise” by the press.

In the beginning of 2010, he began producing an entirely different sort of music under the name of Sasha Darko. Most of the first mini-albums were ambient techno experiments released with the help of Sirona Records. In 2013, a full-length ambient album “Underwater” came to light and a split cassette with Hiroshi Hasegawa was released by the US label Black Horizons.

Continued as a videogame developer, he developed and released a horror videogame Sacred Line, which came out in February 2013 for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The biggest European computer magazine Computer Bild put it 4th place on the list of “30 Best Free PC Horror Games” and picked it up for distribution on their website and free magazine DVD. The game still remains unfinished and its original source is no longer available to modify. It was later re-released on Steam as a free DLC for The Last Dogma.

In October 2013, he made an extended version of Sacred Line in the form of a Graphic Adventure game. It was called Sacred Line: Genesis and was developed for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis console exclusively. It was officially released on cartridges by Watermelon Corporation in February 2015.

The Last Dogma, a dark comedy adventure game for PC and Linux, came out in October 2014. Launched as a reboot of Sacred Line, it later became a completely different project. In June 2015, it was released on Steam.