With the game’s unique dice-based fighting system and multiple endings, it will be an interesting horror experience that will be hard to forget.
Screen Rant
…a game that masterfully turns the usually very family-friendly Genesis look into some of the most brutal imagery we’ve ever seen

Trust us, if you are an adventure or horror fan, you will want to support this
– Retro Gaming Magazine

Sacred Line brings an unique Sega Genesis experience never seen before on the platform


 Digital Version 1.0 Release Date
– October 24 2013 (Sasha Darko)

 Cartridge Version 1.2 Final Release Date
– February 27 2015 (Watermelon)

 Digital Version 1.1.9 Release Date
– July 2015 (Sasha Darko)

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Sacred Line Genesis is a brand new Graphic Adventure game developed exclusively for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis console. It’s an extended version of the original Sacred Line game.

It tells the story of Ellen, a private detective, who is trying to survive in Eastern Europe. Lately detective business, which she inherited from her missing sister Sarah, almost ceased its existence and one day before she was going to close her office she got an anonymous call. The unknown asked her to find some hidden forest outpost and told her about its position. That was just the beginning.

Sacred Line II is available here.



– High quality 3D graphics (optimized for CRT TV)
– PCM Audio soundtrack (which sounds like a GBA output, and it won’t be slow for PAL users)
– Unique and memorable setting, story and environments
– Text-based dice fighting system (ideally you need a dice, but you can also play without it)
– Multiple endings: normal, secret and deaths, deaths, deaths
– Don’t be frustrated: if you die, you’ll start from the last checkpoint
– In-game enclyclopedia will help you learn more about characters

Not so good features (GINCS-specific things you may not like)

– Cartridge release won’t boot on TMSS Model 1 models, but you can use Game Genie to fix it
– The game uses GINCS engine, its Visual Studio modification. Which uses basic WAV Z80 Player and WAV files cannot be stopped immediately there, they will always play to the end. Not everyone will take it as a problem but it must be mentioned.
– Text has no shadows. Somehow, just theoretically, IF you’re crazy enough and decided to play any GINCS game via very, very, very bad RF connection on a very, very, very bad, just simply broken LCD screen and there’s also gas all around you plus myst which looks like the one from that Stephen King movie…then in-game text will be hard to read. But nobody ever reported that kind of problem since GINCS was created (2006)…except Fonzie. There’s a 99% possibility that you need to be Fonzie to experience such a problem.
– There is a super exotic GINCS bug which was reported by a GenDev user: the game might crash if you will insert gun or mouse to Port 2. Why would you put your mouse in a second port, to play Cannon Fodder on a party?


Trivia (Did You Know?)

The development took about 2.5 years and the text was revised by six people.
Cartridge cover is based on the original art of digital release cover and was itched by Fonzie (Watermelon) on a metal piece.

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Screenshots (1.0 version):