Interview about Sacred Line II (2023) [English, Web]

Second interview about the game and KS campaign.

Interview with VGC about Sacred Line II (2023) [English, Web]

First interview about the game and KS campaign.

Interview with St1ka for “What Happened to Paprium?” documentary (2019) [English, YouTube]

About the situation with Watermelon. Starts at 22:16.

Interview with Igrolov (2018) [Russian, audio / text)

Interview for Russian YouTube channel Igrolov, canceled due to channel year long hiatus, recovered for and posted on the VK page of the channel.

Interview with Dark Underground Music (2018) [English, Web]

GENESIS release.

Interview with GameStakers about The Last Dogma (2015) [English, Web]

A short interview dedicated to the launch of The Last Dogma.

Interview with More Than Sounds (2011) [English / French, Web]

An interview taken by a French web magazine. Available in both English and French.

Interview with Kwark Magazine (2010) [English, Printed]

An interview taken by a Dutch print magazine associated with Kwark Records. Issue #1.

Interview with Ostroga (2009) [Russian, Printed]

A quite lengthy interview with an underground Russian almanac Ostroga. Issue #1.

Photo / DOC

Article “Liliya & Illnathix: Risky Games with Dancefloor Stereotypes” by Far From Moscow (2009) [English, Web]

An article which compares me with a female pop band. Written by David MacFadyen, a professor of Comparative Literature and Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles.