1) Interview for Ostroga Issue #1 (2009) [Russia, Printed] – Photo / DOC

A quite lengthy interview with underground Russian almanac Ostroga.

2) Article “Liliya & Illnathix: Risky Games with Dancefloor Stereotypes” by Far From Moscow (2009) [US, Online, Available]

An article which compares me with a female pop band. Written by David MacFadyen, a professor of Comparative Literature and Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

3) Interview for Kwark Magazine #1 (2010) [Netherlands, Printed]

An interview taken by a magazine associated with Kwark Records. 

4) Interview to More Than Sounds (2011) [France, Online, Available] – in English / in French

An interview taken by a great French web magazine. Available in both English and French.

5) Interview to GameStakers about The Last Dogma (2015) [US, Online, Available]

A short interview dedicated to the launch of The Last Dogma.

6) Interview to Dark Underground Music (2018) [US, Online, Available]

GENESIS release.

7) Interview to Igrolov (2018) [RUS, Audio / Text, Available)

Interview for Russian YouTube channel Igrolov, canceled due to channel year long hiatus, recovered for sashadarko.com and posted on the VK page of the channel.

8) Interview for “What Happened to Paprium?” documentary (2019) [YouTube, Available]

About the situation with Watermelon. Starts at 22:16.