Interview with Kwark Magazine

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1. Please introduce yourself (name, country, etc.) and tell us everything you want us to know about you.

– Sasha Sasha Sasha Darko ko ko ko and i don’t tell you anything about me

2. How long have you been making noise? When did you start and what did you start with? Did you start with a band or something to make music and slowly developed into sounds and noise?

– i do it since when i was born. i practiced my baby scream and other stuff and already in beginning of 00s i’ve recorded my first cassette it was spoken-word feat. some music and noise elementsss. band…hmm, my first band was some kind of stupid garage noisecore/grindcore and other shit but it was with lip harmonica. so beautiful instrument! first serious noise record was in summer 2008 and also some noises were in 2007 but this summer material later become as part of first noise album which has been released as “Sexual Noise”, and you can ask why it’s sexual when no porno samples no porno titles and even no porno cover? when i recorded that sound extremely excited me, don’t know maybe i made some kind of binaural recording. btw i’ve continued experiment like that later and recorded 86-minute illbient track which can put pressure on the listener and sow anxiety. also some label which has released this album later has deleted him and his label from internets, don’t know why but i hope it’s not because of this album, you know i’m not so misanthropic

3. On your myspace one can see the many releases you did. Not everything is done under your moniker Alexander Kibanov, right? How many projects do you have and do they all differ from eachother? (sounds, thoughts, artwork, names?)

And how many releases have you done with the projects and in total?

– Alexander Kibanov is not a moniker it’s a real name. and it’s so real so i even saw it in the passport

emm…about 12, more of them are just pseudonyms for one release, but they are really differ from each other yeah. of course there were no restrictions but well see – if material is trash noise or acoustic trash or trash audiotale or some other trash i can name it as “A.A.Kibanov”, if it’s chiptune/idm/weirdtronic/something like that i can name it as “Illnathix”, if it’s some kind of cybercore i can name it as “Headless Kamikaze”, if it’s a harsh noise or drone or or or i can name it as “Earth Incubator” and previously any ambient, melodic downtempo or something like that i named as “BBDWAH” (yes, it is reduction). but you know at last time i’m tired of this all pseudonyms and almost stopped to record material. so now only name and one pseudonym for new stuff

in total? hmm i didn’t count exactly. but more than one hundred

4. What kind of instruments do you all use and what’s your favorite instrument to use? You use real instruments and do circuit bending? What else do you use?

ha you know i don’t use instruments. absolutely, i even don’t know how i do this all. seriously, i haven’t any apparature for record (except microphone), about guitar (lip harmonica too) i use my old recordings from 07/08 (or sometimes i play on it into microphone and it’s for trash recordings), and for an example i NEVER used any pedal for noise, i have one but seems like it isn’t work already. i even don’t steal anything from other projects. so how? hmmm… with some programs. and if we are still talking about noise it’s not sounds as digital anyway. and i can say i like experiments with microphone

5. Who is your influence both musically/noise as well as any other form of art?

no influences. but you know at times if i hear some very good song (any style (ok, almost any) and any band, it can be The Langley Schools Music Project, Skinny Puppy, Crystal Castles or even Rammstein, etc.) i can start to record something, ’cause it inspires me. and it can be absolutely not seem as this track. it’s just for an example.

6. Is there any website/blog besides the myspace you also manage?

ohh many of them. mainly they are about mine labels, and from them are left only two. plus webzine / site of coz. and not long ago Jan M.Iversen asked me to manage TIBprod for russia

7. Is there a big scene in Russia? Only in the bigger cities? Or also in the country side? Is it alive the Russian noise scene?

– of course, big scene of various fucking shit of all sorts. if we are talking about industrial/noise and hardcore/punk/crust. i don’t know about other scenes, but gothic and jazz are looks nice. russian noise scene is a most fuckin suckin scene in the world. it’s more than 90% fulled of various nazis/fascists, patriots, military, religious scum and other dumb shit. over 9000 same clones (even design of label releases is cloned). it’s dead. it was already dead when after ussr first noisers are were nazis, in 90s and 00s very many articles what nazi is it for industrial. and not usual nazis – fuckin fucked off russian nazis, these clones are want to back ussr. you know also was some kind of incident when some noisers are stop to record noise ’cause very many of nazis in this sphere here. this country is always in big ass since was founded. and you know word “bydlo”, it’s comes from russia, yeah. it like hints to us…
this country is all sorts of distortions. there distort all the worse.
also about noise i can say i was looking here something about HNW, but here’s no projects in this way (except mine yeah, you can listen Потерянная Горла and some recordings of Earth Incubator), russians are don’t like static noise and on noise concerts very many of those who came to the concert just to drink beer and laugh (many of them are from hardcore/punk scene which is also a breeding ground for all sorts of imbeciles)

8. Have you done any live shows? If yes, where? How did people react and what did you think of the gigs, did they went well? Do you want to play more live?

– of coz. list of shows on myspace and site. people like it i guess. not all of them, of coz. but anyway i play live shows mainly for myself

9. How is it to live in Russia? To me it always seems like a depressive country when seeing it in movies and documentaries. It’s full of industrial things and it’s always portrayed as a grey community, is this true? What and how do you feel about Russia?

– i can just say what it’s a country for death, not for life. btw, about documentaries and movies – i see what at last times USA makes more anti-russian propaganda, seems on cold war times..but maybe it was not stopped yet since 40s? i don’t care, anyway i’m russophobe. feelings about this country are always about hatred. but i very love russian language and nature here. but nature is beautiful everywhere on this planet, isn’t she? she always! also i can drop you this link – [|] this is statistics about this country from some immigrate agency. you can translate it via some online translator and understand many more (if translate will be correct of coz) about bears in ushankas and their samovars

10. What do you think about politics? The politics in Russia and the politics worldwide? They ruin all, don’t they?

– stupid ivans with balalaikas drinking vodka are bathing in the mountains of stolen gold and making various shit. world is just laughing at this country. after fuckin (say it minumum 50 times) putin this country have lost good TV and become more fascistic to people and especially to animals. it’s not yet australia with nude simpsons sex and absolutely totalitarian north corea, but they try to make something like that. oh you know i stop to say anything about this country anyway i can’t say nothing good and i’m already tired of this negative.

11. You listen to other noise/music? What would you really recommend?! And what are your favorite and most influencing acts/bands?

yes, music coz. noise i listen rarely, i’m not fan of this. i like Masonna, GX Jupitter-Larsen/The Haters, Hanatarash, Kenji Siratori, Alexei Borisov, The Gerogerigegege, some tracks of Armenia, Emil Beaulieau, John Wiese
it’s from well-known and i’m still not very familiar with all noise stuff what i have. also i can say i like natural noise (for an example GX with his breaking glass track, it is a pleasure for mine ears)
from music – not long ago i’ve discovered Tuxedomoon and they are absolutely great. i’m listener of very various music also i can say i very like NES/SMD/SNES and other VG soundtracks. about good artists you also can see my [|] profile – all of them in top are great 

12. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?

– nothing

13. If there’s one question I should really ask, what would it be (you can answer it too)

– i don’t know

14. You have a question for me?

– what you can say about Netherlands? i think it’s a great country

15. Any last words?

– thanks to no one

Thanks for the interview!