The Culling [PC] (2017) – Quick Review

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It’s a good, polished “Battle Royal style” survival game. Don’t mind the reviews and try it out for yourself, remember that you can refund if you played for less than 2 hours.

I bought it about a year ago for almost a full price (with 10% discount), the game significantly changed since then, not for the better at first, but now I look at and can say I actually like the changes. Melee doesn’t feel clumsy anymore and you can see how much damage you make in numbers. The graphics got better and there are many new GUI elements. They’ve also added the Tutorial, which is fast and informative. And the second map, yes. Other games of this type have only one.

One huge problem is the lack of playerbase and overall Queue thing. Just today there was just 2 players online in Europe. Some hours later, it’s 18 (it’s when I was able to play). Some time later after that it’s 247 (!). WTF? Even then, you still wait for 10+ minutes in the Queue and nothing. You start a lobby, there are 16 queued players and you get no one. It really needs a Server Browser.

September 25 2017 review.