Damn virgins (2015) – Quick Review

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Status: 100% Completed, both endings unlocked

A fun trashy (in a good way) point-and-click adventure. The story and characters are great and hilarious, the graphics are 90s-like, which is also great for me (but not for the most people).
However, the cave location was a confusing labyrinth and some of the puzzles were…well, there are not that many items to deal with, but I doubt that you’ll manage to complete the game without using the walkthrough (thankfully, there is one).

There were no crashes or game-breaking bugs, IIRC I’ve encountered only one bug, which happened twice (description of an item doesn’t disappear after viewing it through the inventory, only restarting the game helps).

Bought on sale, but it’s completely worth the full price of 5$. It would be great to see a sequel (with Igor, of course).