Risen 2 – Dark Waters (2012) – Quick Review

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An outstanding game and a worthy successor for Gothic/Risen series (thanks to PB), but its release is a blatant rip-off (“thanks” to its publisher Deep Silver and their pseudo-DLC tactics, when they just cut out some of the game content and sell it separately for a significant price).

The game design is just right. There’s NO grinding, you really need to EARN gold and treasure search is interesting and satisfying.
The graphics are breathtaking and lots of times I wanted to switch the game to first-person mode.
The music by Tilman Sillescu is amazing. It’s not Kai Rosenkratz anymore, but new composer did his job very, very well.
The dialogues are well-written and characters are memorable. The only complaint I have about the plot is that portrayal of pirates here is not true, it’s kiddish and very, very far from real.
English voice acting is simply PHENOMENAL. It’s such a rare case for videogames in general, you just need to listen it for yourself.
As of 2014, there are almost no bugs. The left ones are very minor and don’t ruin game experience.

If you’re long-time fan, you may find beginning of this game to be pretty disappointing. But in this case you really should give it a chance.

September 11 2014 review.