Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016) [PC] – Review

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The GOTY 2016 for me and just as good as Human Revolution, if not better. Spent about 57 (!!!) hours to beat the main campaign and I’m not even a completionist (in the end I was still missing three Breach software pieces and many Triangle codes). I’ve completed all side quests and played stealth-only without killing anyone. I wanted to see every location and wanted to uncover any hidden things (hacked almost everything, read almost all notes, etc.). There are secrets everywhere with every step you make and stealth gameplay is really satisfying. The dialogues are smart (as always), voice acting is top notch and level design is excellent.

This video from Rageaholic explains and shows with proofs the hypocrisy of those who say that the ending was abrupt:

The ending is NOT abrupt and there’s also an additional video after the credits. BUT the results of the side quests you did are really shown as Picus News episode. It would be better to see them as the cutscenes (), but it seems Square Enix cut the funding for this. Just doesn’t feel the way it was supposed to be like that.

The only true big things you’d read there are:
1) “Desperate Measures” literally screams “cut content” and was removed from the main game in a most awkward fashion. I didn’t play System Rift, but it looks like it was cut, too. A Criminal Past is obviously NOT a cut piece.
2) Optimization is mediocre at best. The game doesn’t look “next-gen” no matter how you look at it, animations are very dated (but I like them this way), AI is poor. Loading times are reeeally long and the main hub is divided in two parts. It feels like Human Revolution with better graphics. In-game physics can be very glitchy and the game simply works much, much better in the closed locations like G.A.R.M. Facility. That being said, all locations are extremely detailed and there are lots of interactive objects.
The game also crashed for me 2 or 3 times without being Alt+Tabbed. If I Alt+Tabbed the game and opened a browser, it always led to the game crash. I have 12gb of RAM, some people say the game uses up to 11.7 GB of RAM.

Breach is actually great and there’s a lot of work put into it, but it also would be so MUCH better without all these timers, challenge between players, etc. like it was in the game with the Miller mission.

Sasha Darko, February 20 2017