Panoramical (2015) [PC] – Review

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Panoramical can be seen as both game and software, and it’s unlike anything on Steam, that’s for sure. It practically allows you to generate your own abstract scenes within the game limits.

There are 15 scenes and you have 9 switches to manipulate them: change environments, add effects, make that percussion sound to be faster, etc. It sounds pretty basic and boring when you read it, but in the game it feels like pure magic and you can’t say for sure what do you change exactly, how it affects the scene and what is going on.
The music (entirely electronic, of course) fits very well and adds to the atmosphere, although some of the tracks are pretty chaotic and feel entirely randomly generated (I believe to some extent they are).

The process is fairly simple – you hold a button and move a stick, either right or left one, depends on which button you hold. You hold the left stick once you’re finished and move on to the next scene.

The game feels well polished and I didn’t find any technical problems with it. The interface is excellent, very stylish.

It’s an essential buy for people who like watching abstract/trippy art / scenes / video / you get it. It can be useful for meditations, trips or just watching it for the sake of its mesmerizing beauty.

Review key provided by the developer
Sasha Darko for Game Obscura, March 14 2016