Strikey Sisters (2017) – Quick Review

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Status: All levels beaten (including Secret ones) and All bosses defeated

I didn’t get into Super Star Path and still lurking around Bot Vice trying to figure out if that one is up my valley, but definitely can say that Sisters is an amazing game, especially in co-op.

Extremely great looking (top notch pixel art which looks on the same level as AAA SNES games back in a day), intensely fun, well thought out and really, really polished.

The story is the weakest point though, it looks like it desperately tries to copy Disgaea, but fails miserably and misses all marks possible. The actors did a good job with that was provided to them, but hearing them reading such texts is…ehhhhh, better be skipping it.

The game has many bosses, some of which are pretty challenging. Besides taunting the player(s), they also make funny sounds when the ball hits them, most likely these will stay with you for quite a while.

Beaten in 5~ hours (before unlocking four more secret levels) and wish there was more of it. Sequel, perhaps?