You Better Watch Out (1980) – Quick Review

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The jolliest of them all.

This is a very different Christmas movie, especially for its time. While presented as a slasher, it’s really more a psychological drama which shows main character’s fall into madness (including the episode from his childhood which started it).

He’s a pretty moronic character as a person, but he’s pretty much real and feels like based on a real person, definitely not your typical movie cliche. He’s very obsessed with Christmas (even sleeps in a Santa costume), and he has specific moral values which he wants everybody to follow, for that he has a book of “naughty and nice” boys and girls (he literally spies on children in the neighborhood to find out what are they doing). And while he’s very angry about people making out and seeking for pornography, there’s an episode where he watches his brother doing it and it doesn’t look like he’s disgusted, quite on the contrary. One day he just looses it and becomes “Santa”, drives and his van delivering presents to children, but also kills some specific people he doesn’t like.

The movie is quite memorable and full of Holiday cheer and atmosphere, despite the story. The ending is very surprising and I glad they did it that way, you’d never expect something like this (the cinema magic as it is).