Tilt (2017) – Quick Review

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A psychological thriller / leftist propangda movie about a downfall of an ultra-liberal white American man.

The man is unemployed, he but doesn’t care about that since he believes he’s working on a very important documentary movie. Yet his samely ultra-liberal American wife doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t bring the money and they’re already starting a family. There’s almost nothing happening during the whole movie and this is one you can get through skipping parts. But the acting is good and cinematography is nice, plus it’s not that boring to watch (especially if you start skipping through it).

As for the leftist propaganda, they’re a bit obsessed with hating Donald Trump in this movie. Calling him names while watching his speech on the TV, using a mask of him to scare each other, etc. And of course all that message about capitalism, America’s past / future and such. He talks almost nothing but politics and propaganda.

p.s. There’s already one fake review (March 18 2018, 9/10 review written via a fresh IMDB account created the same day), maybe they’ll bring some more later. Watch out for these.