The Forest of Doom – Quick Review

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Forest of Doom is a Tin Tin Games videogame adaptation of the famous Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book Forest of Doom. This book was one of my favourite ones in the childhood (along with Starship Traveller), although I had the semi-official edition translated to my native language.

This is a dark fantasy text adventure. The original game book did the job, it captured your attention and hooked you to the end. The same pretty much goes for adaptation. Although I’d recommend to play it on your tablet rather on Steam.

What’s there to say about the port?

It’s a very direct port from mobile, the game was created for tablets / phones and it shows pretty much. You never get an explanation for controls or how to change things. Which got me confused at first, Escape button exits the game to main menu and it’s not obvious what you need to move your mouse cursor outside the screen to show GUI.
There’s a Unity default launcher which lets you choose resolution and quality and in-game options, where you can choose font and its size. You can also change the game to “Retro Look” (black text on the white background + original b/w illustrations), change dice settings, turn off Sound or Music (no volume sliders). I’d recommend turning off music, because it can be very distracting, at least it was for me. Quite epic tunes which don’t really fit the reading at all.

Adventure sheet updates itself (well, obviously) and you also have the map which tracks your progress (great addition). You place virtual bookmarks to save your progress.
You get the achievements for things like unique encounters and there’s a gallery where you can see illustrations what you unlocked during the game.

If you ever wanted a videogame adaptation of Forest of Doom to play on your PC, then here it is.