Stomping Ground (2014) – Review

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This one is marked as a horror about Bigfoot, yet in reality the creature itself only appears in the very end and the whole movie is more like a drama about some sort of a love triangle (or 2.5angle). A girl which lives in Chigaco decides to pay a visit to her mother who lives in a rural hometown and brings her boyfriend there. They go to a bar where she meets an old friend from her childhood, who’s apparently very eager to romance and “steal” her from her boyfriend (alpha male bullshit and such). All of them together plus an additional friend of that alpha male decide to go on a Big Foot hunting trip, because that’s where they were doing when they were kids (nostalgia and such).

The great actors, natural and fluid dialogues and good camera work mix into a one big vehicle which drives the whole movie forward and you along with it. The characters are not some made up cardboard work, many of them actually reminded me people from real life I know (and Annie herself reminded me of the girl with the same name) and I’m not even an American. Absolutely not a fan of this “love 2.5angle” story, but still watched it because of the mentioned great actor work and dialogues.

The appearance of yeti kinda looks awkward, the makeup is alright, but everything else is not, really. In motion and with such editing it’s just looks like a man in a costume runs in front of a camera. It supposed to be a heavy beast, yet it has the ability to appear “out of nowhere” behind everyone and its steps are, apparently, silent (really, there are the sounds?).

If you only want a yeti movie, I wouldn’t recommend to watch it. But if you don’t mind something else with a yeti included, then why not.