Population 436 (2006) – Quick Review

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Very average low budget movie about Census Agency agent stuck in your typical American rural town with crazy locals keeping their secrets, where sheriff just says “we have our own laws here”. This one has a permanent population number of 436, hence the title. The origins of the mystery behind it are explained poorly and sound absurd (also, what “wicked man”?). You get the feeling “I watched all these scenes somewhere already and know all these dialogues” while watching the movie, all the cliches and dumb decisions are there.

What’s the real mystery is how Fred Durst ended up here, who plays a deputy sheriff. It’s actually his only role in the movie which he didn’t direct himself (not counting TV series). I didn’t know about his involvement with the production of this film and seeing him here was a surprise.

It’s an OK rental if you have nothing else to watch, it actually feels looks and feels like a TV movie. The orchestral soundtrack is pleasant to listen.