Nightmare Code (2014) – Quick Review (Steam Version)

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A captivating and intense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Most of the time you watch feed from 4 cameras / screens simultaneously, which might remind one of Timecode, but it’s an entirely different approach here (you’ll learn from the movie what it’s about, I won’t spoil it). It has great production values and actors do an excellent job portraying their characters.

This is a pure entertainment movie, so don’t expect to see something serious about the matter (AI and human behaviour recognition). Wouldn’t be hard to explain without the spoilers, but just a small detail that main character acts like a super hacker should be enough, he does everything on his laptop just by typing and uses lines like “I cracked your code”.

About built-in subtitles. Previous Digital Devolver movie releases I bought on Steam and watched had a very poor work done when it comes to subtitles – missing text and broken timing (especially The Basement). But this one got everything right, subtitles are perfect.

December 29 2015 review.