Living Among Us (2018) – Quick Review

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This one would benefit from being filmed in a traditional way rather than being a found footage flick, believability is close to zero – cuts masked as “digital interference / glitches”, super HD quality from the “hidden” cameras, not to mention very known Hollywood actors being here. TV scenes are done amateureshly in a way that you clearly see it’s just someone on the green screen cut out with some additional lines in After Effects, it doesn’t feel like real TV footage at all.

But everything else is actually great – the movie is engaging and interesting to watch and it’s definitely not a dragging one, actors do a good job (William Salder and John Heard take the cake with their charisma), the visual effects are great. The ending is not on that level though – a lot of very stupid and convenient things happenning, like when some characters demonstrate sudden weakness and stupidity after showing ultrasuperpowers and showing capability to think ahead of your opponent (not to mention they should already know something about the things the crew has, can’t go into details because it would be spoiler, but it should be a pretty obvious plot hole).