Leaving D.C. (2012) – Quick Review

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Brilliant, really.

It was not an easy task to acquire this movie, let alone learning about it (IIRC I found it on someone’s “best found footage horror” list on IMDb).

This is probably the best found footage horror movie I watched made by one guy with little to no budget. It’s extremely realistic and things happening during the movie are really scary and authentic. The movie consumes you fully, I needed to eat at some point and didn’t even wanted to do that because I was too absorbed by it.

No typical tropes and no clichés, I watched hundreds of horror movies and never seen a story like this. No, the premise itself is nothing really original, but the details and the way they’re presented makes the story unique.

The movie doesn’t have a single freakin’ jumpscare or all that stupid “noisy glitches” on the footage. Not even a “super dark” soundtrack. It just doesn’t need that. Just pure, smart horror.