Jeepers Creepers (2001) – Quick Review

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A decent and memorable horror movie.

The main characters (brother and sister) have nothing special about them, but they actually speak with each other like actual people would do, not like made up cardboard stuff made to move the script further (a problem with too many American blockbuster movies out there). Both have somewhat self-aware lines like “This is where somebody does something really stupid and everybody hates them for it” or “They never are”, which are subtle and make me like the movie even more. I also like that they don’t just do anything without debating or explaining to each other why they should do it. They’re a team, a family and they’re sticking with each other no matter what.
The villain is impressive and his makeup is excellent. It’s funny how they use a psychic woman in both original and the sequel to tell more about the “Jeepers”, because he never speaks. Just smiles and moking his preys before eating them.