Headgame (2018) – Review

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A decent Battle Royal/Saw-like thriller (what would be a proper way to call such movies?), which starts on a very high note but its ending is too chaotic and cumbersome – there’s an aftermath part which looks like they tried to tell a whole sequel just in 10 minutes (still overusing slo-mo).

It brings nothing new aside from a few minor elements, like head cameras, the thing which the movie got its name from. But they are barely being used here for the very sake of watching. There are many very technologic things scattered among the battlegrounds and the cameras show the percentage of survival odds. Some noticeable plot holes: the trap with nails is presented as something very hard and they say that the “nice” team were the only ones who completed it yet the second team of “bad” and much dumber degenerates walk through it like it’s nothing and the movie tells nothing about how they did that. The showrunners also seem to track if the participant is alive or not, yet when someone wakes up after being “dead” (just unconscious) they’re surprised.

The characters are very dumb and two dimensional, especially the main heroine. Her transformation to the person wee see in the end is absolutely not believable. The acting is so-so, I don’t know, maybe Americans really behave like that in such situations, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Great camera work and really great special effects, the first killing scene looks very real, the rest ones look decent as well.

The little soundtrack it has sounds good, the credits theme being the most noticeable. Even music in the club scene is a nice atmospheric techno which is better than the stuff you usually hear they use in such scenes. But they also use Shubert’s Ave Maria here and they do it TOO OFTEN, and most of the time it doesn’t really fit or starts too early.

UPD: 20.5.2018 The dumbfucks at IMDB at it again, downvoting every positive review and bombarding with low scores yet another great movie.