Happy Hunting (2017) – Quick Review

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A pretty OK survival thriller (not a horror) about a junkie / alcoholic who drives from town to town, desperately trying to find money (and also hoping to visit his daughter in Mexico?). The movie starts with him trying to scam two other junkies, which results in both of them dying, him escaping the scene and a friend of these junkies following him (along with his son or something). Then they stumble upon a town of rednecks who tell everyone about their hunting traditions, hiding that they’re hunting for humans.

The kidnapped “participants” then run through the desert (close to the border with Mexico), trying to escape the rednecks who hunt them. The junkie has some tremors, visions and other side effects of withdrawal, but none of them really affect the story. The practical effects are decent, but the computer ones (like the ones they made for blood splashes) are pretty poor (especially in the shack shooting scene). The final confrontation with one of the hunters also makes no sense.