Ghoul (2015) – Quick Review

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Yes, it’s a clichefest, but very well-made, entertaining and scary one. If you know the culture, the language, the way Ukranian people speak, behave and live, you’d know how realistic everything is in this movie. The characters are also not as dumb as you usually see in everyone’s favourite Hollywood horrors.

If you’re found footage fan, I can definitely recommend this movie. I think I already watched at least a half of all digitally/physically distributed found footage movies in the world, and I can say it’s a really good one.

There are at least 3 fake reviews on IMDb for this movie at the moment, one positive and 2 negatives (accounts registered only to post a review for this movie). One of these fake ones says “worst move of all time” and doesn’t even say why, so connect the dots for yourself.