El Sanatorio – Quick Review (2010)

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An average, but still interesting Spanish take on found footage. But the chosen genre is actually where it fails – believebality starts as so-so, then they just throw it out of the window, especially with some joke elements of the story being introduced (which essentially make the fun of it). And the way the end scenes were filmed…yeah…like it’s a staged TV show rather than found footage.

The story is relatively interesting to follow, the characters are nothing interesting, but at least they’re not your typical robotic and overcliched Americans you usually see in horror movies. Their motivations to stay in an obviously haunted hospital are very weak, despite the contract being the reason (the medium decides to walk away then with just some irrelevant talk with one of the others decides to stay again and then very sure about it all of the sudden).

It still manages to be creepy and the visual effects are good.