Drfiter (2016) – Quick Review

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A post-apocalyptic movie about two brothers travelling through the country on the car, which makes them very noticeable since working cars are very rare and everyone wants it.

Weak story, but captivating visuals and memorable direction. Every character is dumb and an asshole, aside from the doctor, who is just dumb but at least not a complete garbage like all others. Her motivation to live in such a city with such neighbors is really, really questionable. Overall, it’s pretty much almost an arthouse movie, the events don’t make much sense but the way they’re presented makes them interesting to watch and memorable, with the fitting atmospheric score making them more effective. The cast is really great, especially the town villains – really psychotic and dangerous.

I don’t know what’s in the heads of those who said it tries to be like Tarantino, it’s just a complete lie. I watched all Tarantino movies, Drifter is nothing like them at all. It much more closer to the movies like Hobo With a Shotgun – grimdark post-apocalypse with specific coloring and mood.