Demons (2017) – Quick Review

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There are fake reviews and the cover is poor, but…it’s a good movie.

It’s not the first time when I see fake reviews on IMDB appearing for a decent movie, probably because the movie didn’t get enough attention, I don’t know. Note to distributors or authors – you’re just shooting yourself in the leg, especially when you have a solid material. Stop. Doing. That. People won’t believe your movie is decent and you’ll just bring the people who will rate it 1/10 not because of the movie, but because of the fake reviews.

Tagline is also somewhat misleading, it’s not really your typical exorcist movie. The cover is somewhat amateurishly made, the movie itself is not like that at all. Why spending budget on making a good movie but not ever think about cover?

As for the movie, I’d say it’s a solid mystery / psychological thriller, told through the two connected stories (present / past events). Also, the one about the past is either shot on film or has a grain filter added in post-production, in any case it’s a great touch. It’s intriguing and captivating, characters are nothing special, but are memorable and the actors do their job. I also like the acting and voice of Andrew Divoff, he’s just as charismatic as he was in Hatred (2017) and he’s also playing a religious fanatic here as well. By the end you’ll learn why the movie is called “Demons” (how I said, it’s not really your typical exorcist movie).

Worth a watch, maybe even two or three.