Dead Awake (2016) – Quick Review

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A great movie.

Actually a great horror movie, even though it’s basically a mix between Nightmare on the Elm Street and Ring, nothing new at all.

The monster is like a girl from the Ringu and it also prefers to crawl rather than walking to do its, ehm, things, which is stupid and always was stupid (“look —- I CRAWL! SLOOOWLY! ARE…YOU…SCAAAAARRRRRRED? No? F/ck.”).

However, the movie is captivating and atmospheric, not to mention very well done overall (aside from a couple of fade-ins by the editor, why?). Actors do their best and they’re believable. The characters are standard (like all ya Americans, right?), but not very stupid and ultra-thin, like in most of the other US / Hollywood horror movies. Some kind of movie magic happened here and I believe the great cast was one of the reasons.