Cut Shoot Kill (2017) – Quick Review

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Aside from some really stupid moments, like the awkward interview with the director in the beginning (which somehow makes the actress say that he is SMART and she’s very confident about him/the project) or the ending itself (it wouldn’t look as stupid if it wasn’t presented in such a clumsy way), it’s a decent meta-horror movie about a movie crew, who are really just a bunch of maniacs, killing the actors they choose to film. Some of the parts though are so wooden and too convinient, you wait it would be shown as a movie footage, but then they show that these are the “real” events (like the episode with the officer, very convenient arrival of the policeman and killer appearing out of nowhere). The character motivations are also pretty weak, too many killers and it’s too obvious that such isolation from the world is definitely not about “concetrating on the work”.

The special effects are well, effective. They sure did a lot of work on that, otherwise fake looking special effects would ruin the movie since it’s about what’s fake and what’s not.

Overall a good rental watch if you don’t think too much about it (swiss cheese it is, at least there aren’t many holes).