Condemned (2015) – Quick Review

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Just as good as Bad Taste

Condemned is a really well-done trash horror movie (more like a thriller though, than a comedy), one of the kind. And by well done I mean good camera work, good acting, great practical special effects. Maybe except blood splashes, which are CGI, and honestly look really bad and fake.

There also are some unexpected creative touches like opening stop- motion sequence or “living” comic book.

The script rocks. All characters are f/cked up, all of them at once are the crazy unpredictable mix and it’s great. You have two muscular Nazi BDSM men, maniac psychotic Jew, black gay transgender, drug Chinese dealer who tries to talk in Russian (fails miserably though to do so) and junkies. Main hero and its girlfriend are the only somewhat adequate characters in this movie. All of them are squatters who live in an abandoned house (with lights and water though, which somehow are provided by some old guy and everyone buys him stuff in gratitude for that). Under the influence of toxic drug waste they start to kill each other and that’s what the movie is all about.