Antisocial 2 (2015) – Review

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I watched the first movie back in a day, but I don’t remember it anymore, although they flashback some scenes from it in the sequel to remind what the first one was about. It’s an absolutely unnecessary continuation which tries to go global this time, a “Red Room” virus goes widespread and so it’s already a post-apocalypse – no laws, lone survivors, killers and rapists, battles for gasolines, etc. It feels like the script was written for something epic, but there was no budget to support it. So for the major part of the movie they chose to resort to one barebone looking location, quite boring and uninspired one.

Whatever it looks, there could be an interesting story to tell with characters, who could at least have a bit of depth. But no. The characters here are really dumb and flat, they even use the mad scientist cliche, this time combined with a cliche cult.

Not to mention how ridiculous the story is – it was made by people who have no idea about techonologies. The social network zombifies you when you look at its pages…OK. But social network which creates some black worms inside a person is essentially jumping the shark. There’s also a child who is supposed to look like he’s 3 years old, but instead looks like a 12yr one – because he somehow has some mega powers which he got from…somewhere. The script is a mess with too many holes, it starts with woman from the cult being in the same area as the main heroine, exactly in the time when she is supposed to give birth. And of course she kidnaps the baby. Many years later they both end up meeting somehow, like they’re going in circles.

The more you think about the movie, the more you realize how dumb and ridiculous it is. Yet it’s somewhat atmospheric and engaging enough to watch to the end, which makes it a really hesitate rental recommendation.