A Bad Idea Gone Wrong (2017) – Quick Review

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A good comedy.

A story about cringeworthy burglary acted by two no-so-smart thieves, which probably weren’t thieves before at all (and their motives are pretty weak too, to be honest). Not a laugh-out-loud type of comedy that’s for sure, but it should make you chuckle here and there. The pacing is perfect (it’s never boring), the cast is right and the actors deliver their lines just perfectly, with lots of charisma. No truly dumb jokes, no “ass” jokes, just a somewhat old school lighthearted comedy.

It’s also on the “lightey” side when it comes to the plot and very far from being realistic, with the last scenes going completely “coockoo” and being not believable at all. Still a good entertaining movie which is just pleasant to watch.