Sacred Line Zero is an adventure game by Sasha Darko which was in development exclusively for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console.

In July 2015, the project was canceled due to Watermelon’s founder being dropped from the company. The prototype was revised in 2018 and released as a part of Legacy and Complete editions of the game.


The plot serves as a prequel. Set a few hours before the events of original game, it tells the story of Ellen’s sister Sarah, a mercenary tasked with the mission to assassinate the leader of the cult Holy Intentions.

Some people described it as a feminist horror game and it actually is – the main heroine is a woman who depends only on herself and behaves as an actual human being, not a cliche or stereotype. There’s no sexualization, no “powerful” man to help either.

Just like the original, the game is 18+ only, there are many mature themes and it does have explicit language.


The game was supposed to be about 1.5-2 times bigger than original, featuring different story paths, updated GUI, improved 3D graphics and more than one hundred pre-rendered screens.


SLG Zero prototype – April 2015 Draft (April 10 2018 Edit) is now available as a part of Legacy and Complete editions of the game:
It shows about 15% of the game and ends abruptly if you choose the right path. The bad endings at the beginning are completed, though. You can launch it via any emulator and it was tested with Fusion 3.64. It should work on real hardware via Everdrive.

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